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Why use rigid flex pcb?

Alcanta PCB can be used for mass production of rigid flexible PCB. It is one of the most affordable manufacturers. We provide experienced manufacturing staff to meet your challenges and technical needs. We focus on fast turnaround through key delivery plans.

rigid flex pcb
rigid flex pcb

Cirexx has a complete internal layout, manufacturing and assembly plant for printed circuit boards, which can apply your application from concept to production. We can handle multiple data formats without considering quality.

Experience accumulation of rigid flex pcb

With the experience of flexible circuit engineering, our engineers are experienced in various flexible printed circuit boards, rigid flex PCB layout and assembly, and they are enough to meet any challenge. Cirexx has earned a high reputation for its outstanding work in flex printed circuit board manufacturing, which has performed well in aerospace, consumer electronics, optoelectronic, medical, industrial control, semiconductor, test and measurement, wireless network, wearable electronics and military fields.

Rigid flex pcb

Rigid flex pcb have been used in military and aerospace industries for more than 20 years. In most rigid flexible circuit boards, similar to multilayer flexible circuits, the circuit consists of multiple flexible circuit inner layers, which are selectively connected together by epoxy prepreg adhesive film. However, multilayer rigid flex circuits contain boards externally, internally, or both as required to complete the design.

Rigid flexible circuit combines the advantages of rigid board and flexible circuit to form a circuit. The two in one circuits are interconnected by plated through holes. Rigid flex circuits provide higher component density and better quality control. Where additional support is required, the design is rigid; in corners and areas requiring additional space, the design is flexible.

Combination of rigid board and flexible circuit

There are endless design options when combining rigid boards with flexible circuits, but we offer you the most commonly used rigid flexible combination.

Whether your circuit needs are flat flexible cables, flexible printed circuit boards, rigid flexible circuits, or others, we have the ability to meet your needs. We provide value-added services that will help you make flexible circuit layout a reality.



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