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Why Choose Rogers Printed Circuit Board?

With the development of 5g technology, more and more equipment require high-performance high-frequency PCB and RF PCB. They need low signal loss and low electrical noise. Rogers PCB material is very suitable to meet the technical characteristics and has cost-effectiveness.

rogers printed circuit board
rogers printed circuit board

Rogers printed circuit board application:

  • 5g station
  • Cellular base station antenna and power amplifier
  • Automotive radar and sensors
  • Microwave peer to peer (P2P) links
  • LNB for direct broadcast satellite
  • Various microwave equipment.
  • RFID tag

What is Rogers printed circuit board

Rogers PCB is a kind of printed circuit board made from Rogers raw materials produced by Rogers Corporation. Rogers is a company that manufactures high frequency laminated materials for RF circuit boards or Microwave PCB.

Comparison between FR4 and rogers printed circuit board

All RF boards need to control signal loss. From the picture, Rogers’ material is much better than FR4. With the arrival of 5g, Rogers’ PCB market will become larger and Rogers’ PCB price will drop. If your design is relative to any signal transmission, we strongly recommend Rogers’ material.



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