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Where to Buy Heavy Copper PCB

According to IPC, there is no set of definitions for heavy copper plate. Thick copper PCB or weighing copper PCB refers to printed circuit board with copper thickness more than 3oz (oz). It is usually used in various electronic equipment, such as central power supply system and power electronic equipment requiring high power or high current. However, according to the PCB industry, peopel usually uses this name to identify printed circuit boards with copper conductors 3 oz / ft2-10 oz / ft2 in the inner and / or outer layers. Heavy copper PCB refers to printed circuit boards of 20 oz / ft2 to 200 oz / ft2.

Heavy copper is usually used in various products, but not limited to: high power distribution, heat dissipation, planar transformer, power converter, etc.

Heavy Copper PCB
Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB Design Guide

  • The minimum width and thickness of heavy copper PCB conductor mainly depends on the required current carrying capacity and the maximum allowable conductor temperature rise.
  • Depending on its size and manufacturing process, the wiring shape of the circuit board may not be rectangular. Heavy copper conductors can significantly increase the thickness of the entire plate.
  • Compared with subtraction (etching), the addition (electroplating) process is preferable, but the price is higher.
  • Although tighter, typical conductor width / spacing / thickness tolerance is + / – 20%
  • Tolerances are achievable.

Heavy copper PCB capability:

  • Substrate: FR4 / aluminum
  • Copper thickness: 4 oz ~ 10 oz
  • Very heavy copper: 20 ~ 200 oz
  • Overview: milling, drilling, V-cutting
  • Solder resist: White / Black / Blue / Green / red oil
  • Surface treatment: sinking gold, HASL, OSP
  • Maximum panel size: 580 * 480mm (22.8 “* 18.9”)

The main advantage of heavy copper circuit board is its ability to withstand frequent exposure to excessive current, high temperature and repeated thermal cycles, which can destroy conventional circuit boards in a few seconds. The heavy copper sheet has a high bearing capacity, which makes it compatible with applications in harsh conditions, such as defense and aviation industry products. Other advantages of heavy copper circuit boards include:

  • Due to multiple copper weights on the same circuit layer, the product is compact in size
  • The heavy copper plated through-holes pass the increased current through the PCB and help transfer heat to the external radiator
  • Airborne high power density planar transformer

Heavy copper printed circuit board can be used for many purposes, such as planar transformer, heat dissipation, high power distribution, power converter, etc. The demand for heavy copper coated plates in computer, automotive, military and industrial control is growing. Heavy copper PCB is also used for:

  • Power supply, power converter
  • Power allocation
  • Welding equipment
  • Automobile industry
  • Solar panel manufacturers, etc

Alcanta PCB has more than ten years of rich experience, has produced heavy copper PCB. At present, with our limited production capacity, we are able to manufacture up to 12 ounces of thick copper PCB.

Order Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturing Service Today

Free Heavy Copper PCB quotation. Please send us your PCB gerber files or Bom list to our email: ,Our price team will reply you the price list and lead time in fast time. If your high-density PCB project requires specifications not listed in the above table, feel free to reach us for solutions.



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