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What is the mini – small sized led pcb drivers

Our new MINI driver range meets the need for small sized led pcb drivers in narrow spaces.These compact SELV60 LED PCB drivers are very compact in size and are ideal for smaller lamps or for installation through narrow cut holes, such as spotlights.First introduced products include DALI-2 and constant current drivers, which later expanded power and voltage choices for dimmable and non-dimmable lamps.

mini – small sized led pcb drivers
mini – small sized led pcb drivers

Although they are small, the performance of these drivers is high.They have a wide operating window with a current range of 125 mA to 1050 mA and an output voltage range of 3 V to 54 V.Even in the field, you can easily set the current by using a dial switch.MINI drivers also have <3% low current ripple at 120 Hz, which is in line with the IEEE 1789 recommendation.DALI-2 includes flicker-free dimming as low as 1% to ensure first-class lighting quality and a first-class lighting environment in all cases.

The driver is designed to meet SELV requirements, with a maximum output voltage (Uout) of less than 60V, a lifetime of up to 100.000 hours, and an efficiency of up to 90%.As Class II LED drivers, when they are installed outside the luminaire, they are suitable for SR (stress relief) models in Class I and Class II luminaires and in Class III (SELV) luminaire parts.



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