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What is the fr4 94v0 circuit board?

What does 94v0 mean in FR4 94v0 circuit board? We often see UL flame retardant plastics; 94v0, what does that mean? In the United States, UL certification managed by UL is usually a series of certifications. There are two ways for ul to certify burning Plastics: one is that we usually see the UL dash at the front.

fr4 94v0 circuit board
fr4 94v0 circuit board

FR4 94v0 circuit board:94V0, V1, V2, V5, which is the vertical combustion test method; the other one usually does not conform to UL94 Hb, which is the level of the test method. UL94 HB: horizontal burning this plastic burns slowly but does not extinguish itself. This type is the lowest level of UL and usually does not work when using the vertical V0, V1, or V2 methods.

UL94V0: vertical flame UL flammability classification system is as follows: UL94 V0 evaluation method: after the flame is removed from the flame, the sample can quickly self extinguish to a certain time interval without burning the droplet (that is, the burning droplet is on a cotton pad one foot below the test sample and does not ignite the cotton).

The evaluation method of UL94 V1 is similar to that of V0, but it needs longer self extinguishing time. This test causes the melt to drip onto the pad, but not to the cotton. UL94 V2 is the same as V1, except that it allows burning droplets to ignite cotton under one foot. UL94 V5 is the most stringent test method, which involves the flame life in actual plastic products. This test requires a flame length of 5 inches. Burn the specimen five times. No dripping is allowed during the test.

FR4 94v0 circuit board multilayer PCB:

  1. Number of layers: 4
  2. Material: FR4
  3. Thickness: 1.6 mm
  4. Copper thickness: 1-6 ounces
  5. Minimum hole: 0.2mm
  6. Minimum width / spacing: 0.1 / 0.1 mm
  7. Test point: 4000
  8. Solder mask: Red
  9. Screen printing: white
  10. Surface treatment: gold deposition

FR4 94v0 PCB manufacturing:

  • High quality Multilayer PCB board
  • Multilayer gold plated PCB
  • PCB reverse engineering service
  • Flexibility in both small and mass production
  • Cost effective and high quality vertical PCB manufacturing
  • Professional Multilayer PCB manufacturer in China



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