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What is the difference between rogers fr4 pcb and rogers pcb?

In fact, FR-4 in rogers fr4 pcb refers to a kind of material rather than a material. It is a composite material for glass reinforced epoxy laminates. FR-4 is made of glass fiber woven cloth and flame retardant epoxy resin adhesive. FR is flame retardant, indicating that the material meets the standard UL94V-0.

rogers fr4 pcb
rogers fr4 pcb

For electronic engineers and designers, FR-4 glass epoxy resin is a popular and widely used high-pressure thermosetting plastic laminate brand with good strength to weight ratio. FR-4 has nearly zero water absorption and is most commonly used as an electrical insulator with high mechanical strength. It is known that the material can maintain its high mechanical value and electrical insulation under dry and humid conditions. These properties, as well as good manufacturing properties, make the grade widely available for a wide range of electrical and mechanical applications. Therefore, FR-4 can perform well under most environmental conditions.

Comparison between rogers fr4 pcb and rogers pcb

Almost 80% of electronic circuit boards are made of rogers fr4 pcb material. What is the difference between FR4 material and Rogers material:

rogers fr4 pcb
rogers fr4 pcb

All RF boards need to control signal loss. From the picture, Rogers’ material is much better than FR4. With the arrival of 5g, Rogers’ PCB market will become larger and Rogers’ PCB price will drop. If your design is relative to any signal transmission, we strongly recommend Rogers’ material.

Differences between FR-4 and Rogers materials

  1. FR-4 is cheaper than Rogers.
  2. Rogers materials have a high frequency compared with FR-4 materials.
  3. The DF or dissipation factor of FR-4 material is higher than that of Rogers material, and the signal loss is greater.
  4. In terms of impedance stability, the DK value range of Rogers material is larger than that of FR-4 material.
  5. For dielectric constant, the DK of FR-4 is about 4.5, lower than that of Rogers material (about 6.15 to 11).
  6. In terms of temperature management, Rogers materials have little change compared with FR-4 materials.

Why use Rogers PCB material?

FR-4 material provides the basic standard of PCB substrate, maintaining a wide and effective balance between cost, durability, performance, manufacturability and electrical characteristics. However, because performance and electrical properties play an important role in your design, Rogers materials have the following advantages:

  • Low electrical signal loss
  • PCB manufacturing with effective cost
  • Low dielectric loss
  • Better thermal management
  • Wide range of dielectric constant (DK) (2.55-10.2)
  • Low outgassing in aerospace applications
  • Improved impedance control



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