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What is the difference between fr4 Tg150 PCB and fr4 Tg170 PCB?

Indeed, if you do not participate in the PCB manufacturing industry, you will be confused about fr4 Tg150 PCB and fr4 Tg170 PCB. For FR4 materials, the normal Tg is between 130 ° C and 140 ° C. Medium Tg exceeds 150 ° C, but high Tg can be as high as 170 ° C or higher. For example, 180 ° C. The printed circuit board should be flame resistant in the manufacturing process, and it is more important to maintain the stability of the board size (x, y, z). Generally, higher Tg is better. However, if the Tg value is too high, it will increase the difficulty of machining and increase the cost of raw materials and manufacturing. Therefore, the substrate with high Tg and easy processing should be selected.

fr4 Tg170 PCB
fr4 Tg170 PCB
fr4 Tg150 PCB
fr4 Tg150 PCB

The main factor to consider using 150 or 170 Tg PCB material is the operating temperature. If the temperature is lower than 130c / 140C, your PCB can use Tg 150 material; but if the operating temperature is about 150 ℃, you must select 170 tons.

If you are not sure which material to specify, consult your PCB supplier or click here for more information about high Tg products. Best technology engineers are highly qualified and experienced engineers, we can handle any complex PCB design, and understand our PCB technology and capabilities as well as customers’ special requirements for PCB.

Tg150 Tg170 Tg180 high Tg FR4 PCB HASL lead free surface

  • Mass production operation
  • Sink gold, silver, lead-free spray tin
  • Edge plating, bath
  • Blind / buried hole
  • Fast turnaround time
  • High quality PCB manufacturing
  • Military, aerospace and commercial applications
  • Wide range of substrates
  • Run small scale prototype production



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