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What is the difference between FR-4 and rogers pcb

What is FR-4 material?

In fact, FR-4 is a kind of material rather than a kind of material. It is a composite of glass reinforced epoxy laminates. FR-4 is made of glass fiber woven cloth and flame retardant epoxy resin adhesive. FR is flame retardant, which means the material meets the standard UL94V-0.

What is rogers pcb?

Rogers PCB
Rogers PCB

Rogers pcb is made of Rogers high frequency PCB material. Rogers pcb has excellent dielectric constant and temperature stability, and its coefficient of thermal expansion of dielectric constant is very consistent with that of copper foil, which can be used to improve the shortage of PTFE substrate. It is very suitable for the design of high-speed and high-frequency circuits, as well as the application of microwave and RF products. Due to its low water absorption, it is ideal for high humidity applications.

Rogers is a company that makes laminates for circuit boards. Most circuit boards are made of a material called FR4 (flame retardant grade 4), which is a glass fiber / epoxy composite with copper foil laminated on one or both sides.

Rogers will sell you FR-4 laminates (FR-4 core and copper laminate), which are known for cores with better high frequency characteristics (such as PTFE). They are more expensive than fiberglass, but have less loss at high frequencies. This makes them ideal for RF circuit boards.

The difference between FR-4 material and Rogers material

  1. FR-4 is cheaper than Rogers.
  2. Compared with FR-4 material, Rogers material has higher frequency.
  3. The DF or dissipation factor of FR-4 material is higher than that of Rogers material, and the signal loss is greater.
  4. In terms of impedance stability, the DK range of Rogers material is larger than that of FR-4 material.
  5. For the dielectric constant, the DK of FR-4 is about 4.5, which is lower than that of Rogers material (about 6.15 to 11).
  6. Compared with FR-4 material, Rogers material has less change in temperature management.



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