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What is the 2 layer teflon pcb

Teflon materials have low dielectric constant, high melting temperature and are essentially non viscous. ALCANTAPCB is one of the leading manufacturers of 2 layer rigid flexible PCB made of Teflon material. Hard flexible printed circuit board has become the topic of today. These boards are widely used in various applications due to their many advantages. These PCBs can have different layer options, depending on the application.

2 layer teflon pcb
2 layer teflon pcb

In high frequency applications, printed circuit boards made of FR4 may cause electrical losses. This is not the case with Teflon PCB. Therefore, teflon pcb is considered as the best substitute for FR4 circuit board. There are many reasons why these printed circuit boards are becoming more and more popular. These reasons are basically advantages, such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent wear resistance and moisture resistance.

We have the ability to make these plates with a thickness of 1.6 mm and a copper thickness of 1 oz. The surface finish of these 2 layer Teflon printed circuit boards is finished with lead-free HASL material. We can provide you with other surface finish materials including HASL, OSP, gold / TiN / silver, electroplated hard gold, gold finger, removable mask and carbon ink. You can choose the solder mask colors from the options, such as black, white, red, blue, and green.

Features of 2 layer teflon pcb

  • Model: 2L PCB
  • Base material: 1 liter, FR4
  • Plate thickness: 1.6m
  • Copper thickness: 1 oz
  • Minimum hole size: 5 million (0.125 mm)
  • Minimum line spot / distance: 4 / 4 million
  • Solder mask / screen printing color: no solder mask / no screen printing. The lowest cost method.
  • Surface treatment: HASL lead free

We can provide you with these PCBs at Rigiflex, which have various functions and specifications that match your requirements. The outgoing 2 layer teflon pcb does not contain screen printing and solder resist. The best part is that we offer you these PCBs at competitive prices.



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