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What is Standard PCB

Many things have a standard, so PCB is no exception. When it comes to product size, the standard may be very important, because it may have the attributes or functions it must meet. So what is a standard PCB? I will introduce it to you slowly.

Standard PCB
Standard PCB

What is the standard PCB thickness?

Many contract manufacturers may say that the standard PCB thickness is 1.57 mm, or about 0.062 inch. This is true to a certain extent. Obviously, this is the size of bakelite board manufactured in the early stage of circuit board manufacturing, and this size has been fixed. Therefore, we can call it the historical standard PCB thickness. Today, board sizes are larger or smaller than the standard, but the standard may still be the most common thickness in design.

Today, more precisely, there are a number of common or standard PCB thicknesses. These include 0.031 inch (0.78 mm), 0.062 inch (1.57 mm) and 0.093 inch (2.36 mm). Depending on your choice of PCB manufacturing and assembly services, you may be able to manufacture circuit boards of other thicknesses. Many design and manufacturing factors need to be considered when determining PCB thickness.

Design factors affecting PCB thickness

  • Copper thickness
  • Sheet metal
  • Quantity PCB layer
  • Signal type
  • Through hole type
  • Operating environment

Manufacturing factors affecting PCB thickness

  • Drilling equipment
  • Copper thickness
  • Number of layers
  • Depanetization method

Advantages of using Alcanta’s Standard PCB:

Alcanta PCB is an all inclusive PCB solution providing a full range of services, which can handle all problems from prototype to manufacturing to assembly. We have been manufacturing PCB for more than ten years, and fully comply with ISO9001:2008 quality standard. All our standard printed circuit boards meet the ipc2 standard, and we conduct strict internal quality assurance tests to ensure that the circuit boards arriving at your factory are reliable.

We provide PCB solutions for your budget. You can order only a few prototypes to test your design, and then order in bulk for your standard PCB to save more money. We will provide you with free real-time quotation, so that you will know that you are just expecting, so you can plan accordingly. We also provide PCB experts with comprehensive technical support.

Call us, chat online or email us any questions, whichever is most convenient for you. We will deal with your concerns as soon as possible. We have achieved more than 99% customer satisfaction, when you start ordering printed circuit boards from Alcanta PCB, you will find the reason.

Get the quotation of Standard PCB

Free PCB quotation. Please send us your PCB Gerber file or BOM list by email: Our price team will reply your price list and delivery time as soon as possible.



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