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What is semi rigid flex pcb

Alcanta PCB has the professional knowledge of semi rigid flex pcb. While flexible and rigid flex solutions can provide the simplest technical response for all 3D applications, they’re still expensive products in how , mainly thanks to high-value materials (polyimide), various laminations and sophisticated manufacturing.

semi rigid flex pcb
semi rigid flex pcb

What is “semi flex”?

The semi rigid flex pcb is made by bending a part of FR4 rigid pcb to a specific point by thinning it to 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm.

Because it is a single material made from only FR4, semi flex is a cheap alternative to complex polyimide rigid flex circuits.

After filling, the semi rigid flex pcb can be bent into a shell, which must be static, not dynamic.

Applications and benefits

Semi flex has some advantages of rigid flex:

Save the cost of traditional “connection materials” between two rigid PCBs: cables (discrete or flat), crimping, connectors, adhesives, labels, and their own assembly costs.

Provides higher reliability than cables and connectors, as this is the most common cause of defects

Thanks to standardized 3D dimensions, it’s easier to assemble and integrate into boxes and enclosures.



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