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What is rogers ro4350b pcb

Rogers ro4350b PCB material has passed UL 94v-o fire rating designed for active equipment and high voltage RF. Ro4350b may be a patented hydrocarbon resin system ceramic filler reinforced by optical fiber cloth. Its electrical properties are very on the brink of that of PTFE optical fiber woven fabric, and its machinability is analogous thereto of epoxy optical fiber cloth. A case of female PTFE based microwave materials.

rogers ro4350b pcb
rogers ro4350b pcb

Rogers ro4350b PCB can use standard epoxy glass cloth processing technology, while providing strictly controlled dielectric constant and loss, and therefore the price is merely alittle a part of traditional microwave materials. No special through-hole pretreatment or operating procedures are required.

The advantages of Rogers ro4350b PCB are as follows:

  1. 1 low DF
  2. 1 DK fluctuates with temperature
  3. 1 coefficient of thermal expansion of z-axis
  4. Low coefficient of internal expansion
  5. Low DK tolerance
  6. Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies
  7. Easy to batch production and multi-layer hybrid FR4, high cost performance

Rogers ro4350b pcb production guidelines

Ro4350 high frequency circuit material has been developed to provide high frequency performance comparable to braided PTFE glass substrates, thus simplifying the manufacture of epoxy / glass laminates. Ro4350 is a thermosetting material filled with hydrocarbon / glass fiber reinforced ceramics with high glass transition temperature (TG > 280 ° C). Unlike PTFE based microwave materials, there is no need for special treatment or vias. As a result, the fabrication and assembly costs of ro4350 material circuits are comparable to those of epoxy / glass laminates.

Here are some basic tips for handling the ro4350 double-sided panel. In general, the parameters and treatment methods used for epoxy / glass panels can be used to treat ro4350 panels.



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