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What Is Flexible Aluminum PCB

Flexible dielectric is the latest development of insulating metal substrate (IMS). The material features polyimide resin and ceramic fillers and provides excellent electrical insulation, flexibility and thermal conductivity. When used with flexible aluminum materials such as 5754, the shape and angle of the PCB can eliminate expensive items such as fixtures, cables and connectors. But be careful: these materials are flexible, but can be bent and permanently held in place. They are not suitable for applications requiring periodic bending of materials.

flexible aluminum pcb
flexible aluminum pcb

The development of flexible printed circuit board (PCB) enables people to reduce the size of some products. However, like the traditional rigid pcb, flexible PCB still has limitations. In order to improve the performance of PCB in high power applications, many engineers rely on flexible aluminum pcb. Flexible PCB can be single-sided or double-sided.

Advantages of flexible aluminum pcb

Flexible aluminum pcbhas several advantages. However, to ensure that you can fully enjoy these benefits, flexible PCB manufacturers should pay close attention to the production process. They should meet the highest manufacturing standards.

Safe storage

Flexible aluminum pcb can save a lot of space. They take up about 10% of the weight and space compared to standard circuit board assemblies. They are small and lightweight, offering a wide range of packaging and installation options. In addition, they provide a tighter bending function.

Maximum reliability

Flexible printed circuit boards don’t need a lot of interconnections. Fewer interconnects result in fewer connections, contact crimps and solder joints. Flexible PCB manufacturers know that flexible PCB provides higher reliability because it has fewer potential fault sources.


One of the main advantages of flexible PCB is that it can work with almost any type of component or conductor. It can even be used with a zip connector. In addition, their performance remains first-class even at extreme temperatures. They are also highly resistant to radiation and chemicals.



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