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What is aluminum base pcb

Aluminum base pcb use aluminium alloy as the base material of PCB, that is, the dielectric layer is clamped between the aluminium alloy and the circuit layer.Aluminum alloy is a composite of magnesium and aluminosilicate (Al-Mg-Si).Aluminum-based PCB is a part of the metal core PCB series and has excellent thermal conductivity and insulation.Currently, the aluminium backplane PCB is considered a solution for high power and strict tolerance applications.

aluminum base pcb
aluminum base pcb

Main advantages of aluminum base pcb:

  • They have excellent thermal conductivity and insulation compared with glass fibre (FR4) PCBs.
  • Available for via technology
  • Aluminum PCB provides good heat dissipation and the dielectric layer absorbs heat as the current flows through the circuit layer.The heat is then transferred to the aluminium core, where it is emitted.This cooling also makes it easy to design high-power and high-density circuits.
  • Cost-effective as they eliminate the need for radiators
  • Aluminum-based PCB is environmentally friendly because aluminium is a non-toxic recyclable metal.
  • This PCB is very durable as a base material.Aluminum is resistant to accidental damage during manufacture and daily use.Aluminum is stronger than FR4 and ceramics.
  • Aluminum base pcb is lighter.

Key applications of aluminum base pcb include LED, automotive lighting, traffic lighting, power converters, consumer products, etc.

Aluminum base pcbs can be further classified according to the dielectric materials used:

  1. Flexible Aluminum PCB: These PCBs use polyimide resins and ceramic fillers as dielectric materials.When this dielectric layer is applied to a flexible aluminium substrate, the final product can be formed in different shapes and angles, eliminating the need for expensive fixtures, cables, and connectors.
  2. Mixed Aluminum PCB: In these PCBs, dielectric materials are treated and refined separately, and then applied to the aluminium base.Such PCBs help to dissipate heat and improve the stiffness of the entire PCB board.
  3. Multi-layer Aluminum PCB: These PCBs are made of more than one layer of thermal dielectric material.Blind holes are usually used to bury the line in the dielectric.This PCB is more efficient at cooling in more complex designs.
  4. Through-hole PCB: In these PCBs, aluminum has been pre-drilled.The dielectric is then backfilled into the hole.



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