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What is a rigid flexible printed circuit board?

Rigid flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) is a combination of flexible and rigid pcb technologies in applications. Most rigid flex boards consist of multi-layer flexible circuit boards attached to one or more rigid boards from the outside and / or inside, depending on the design of the application. The flexible substrate is designed to be in a constant deflection state and usually forms a deflection curve during manufacture or installation.

rigid flexible printed circuit board
rigid flexible printed circuit board

Rigid flexible design is more challenging than the design of a typical rigid plate environment, because these plates are designed in 3D space, which also provides higher space efficiency. By being able to do three-dimensional design, designers can twist, fold and roll up the flexible board substrate to achieve the shape required for the final application packaging.

rigid flexible printed circuit board functions and advantages

We can make our own rigid flexible PCB, so we can provide you with the best products for your application. We can provide rigid flexibility for complex multilayer commercial applications or high reliability milspec printed circuit boards. No matter what you need for rigid flexible PCB, we can simplify this process and ensure that you can fully meet the needs in a short time.



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