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What is a Halogen Free FR4 PCB

The standard of halogen free PCB is that the content of chlorine or bromine must be less than 900 ppm, and the total amount of halogen materials must be less than 1500 ppm. Bromine is used as a disinfectant. It can also be used as a flame retardant in electronic components.

Halogen Free FR4 PCB
Halogen Free FR4 PCB

Mainly due to environmental reasons, the main applications are telecommunications and mobile devices. In addition, halogen-free laminates are also used in the construction technology to worry about toxic smoke in case of fire. Halogen free laminates also have good properties in lead-free welding. Note that the properties of different halogen-free laminates may vary depending on the laminate type.

The following values apply to our current laminate type.

Halogen Free FR4 PCB
Halogen Free FR4 PCB

Halogen Free FR4 PCB Conclusions

• Benefit for the environment
• Lower disposal price (taxes)
• Better fire behaviour
• Good electrical (incl. HF) behaviour
• Prototypes are OK, but ageing (?)
• Still problems of availability?
• Slight higher price (from + 3% to x 2)



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