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What is a flex-rigid pcb?

Flex-rigid pcb is composed of rigid pcb and flexible PCB, so they have the characteristics of two types of PCB. The rigid pcb is connected to the integrated flexible PCB through a firm electrical connection. These flexible boards are connected with each other through flexible boards. Flex-rigid pcb is a hybrid. Some parts of PCB are rigid and others are flexible according to application or requirements. Boards can be developed to be rigid where additional support is required and flexible where circuits may need to be bent.

flex-rigid pcb
flex-rigid pcb

Flex-rigid pcb application and advantages of rigid and flexible board:

They are a combination of rigid and flexible plates of the best quality. Sometimes, they consist of multiple inner layers, which can be used in various fields requiring high stability, such as signal transmission equipment.

Due to their limited spacing and very light properties, they are widely used in the aerospace industry.

Because of their high flexibility and toughness, they are easy to produce vibration interference on the plate and at the joint.

They have a wide range of applications in harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture-proof, waterproof and shockproof requirements.

Since there are relatively few solder joints, flex-rigid pcb ensures a strong electrical connection.

The PCB catalog lists the leading flex-rigid pcb manufacturers and manufacturers, and can be searched by their location and function. Flexrig or your company can choose to develop PCB manufacturers in your country or region. In addition, you can also select the features you are looking for in the rigid Flex PCB supplier, such as – number of layers, type of board, thickness of board, etc. We narrow the list to show you what you want.

Flex-rigid pcb

Rigid flexible circuits are utilized in military and aerospace industries for quite 20 years. In most rigid flexible circuit boards, almost like multilayer flexible circuits, the circuit consists of multiple flexible circuit inner layers, which are selectively connected together by epoxy prepreg adhesive film. However, multilayer rigid flex circuits contain a board externally, internally, or both, as needed to finish the planning .

Rigid flexible circuit combines the simplest rigid board and versatile circuit to make a circuit. the 2 in one circuits are interconnected by plated through holes. Rigid flex circuits provide higher component density and better internal control . Where additional support is required, the planning is rigid; in corners and areas requiring additional space, the planning is flexible.

There are endless design options when combining rigid boards with flexible circuits, but we provide you the foremost commonly used rigid flexible combination.



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