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What is a flex-rigid circuit board?

Flex-rigid circuit board (PCB) is a hybrid circuit board design that integrates elements from both hardboard and flexible circuits. Rigid flex PCBs are rigid at some points on the board and flexible at others. Because of this, rigid flex circuits can be folded or continuously flexed while maintaining the shape of areas that need extra support. The circuits are typically multi-layered and are comprised of flexible circuit substrates joined with rigid boards. The flexible layers are buried internally and completely penetrate the rigid sections of the PCB.

flex-rigid circuit board
flex-rigid circuit board

One of the key benefits of a rigid flex PCB is its slim profile. The standard dielectric in flexible circuits is .001 – .002”, making it a great choice for ultra thin—and ultra light—packaging needs. Adhesiveless laminates, HDI, and thin copper layers make it ideal for fine line technology, giving you the smallest, thinnest, and lightest solution for your circuit designs.

Flex-rigid circuit board advantages:

Connection reliability – connecting rigid layers with flexible cables is the basis of combining rigid flexible circuits.

Flexible design options – at flexible circuit technologies, we are proud to meet the most complex design challenges. Rigid flexible circuits can be designed to meet highly complex and unimaginable configurations while using rigid substrates. A rigid flex circuit design may require any of the following

  • Highly complex configuration
  • Control impedance
  • 3-8 floor assemblage
  • Reduce interconnection

High density applications – rigid components of rigid flexible circuits are usually used for the assembly of high-density equipment. In addition, flexible circuits allow small wires to give way to high-density devices. Density sensor devices and lighter conductors can be designed in the product to make room for other product functions.

Reduced package size and weight – multiple systems on rigid plates increase weight and take up more space. The combination of rigid board and flexible circuit can simplify the design and reduce the package size and weight.

Why flex-rigid circuit board



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