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What are the Isola 370HR pcb manufacturers

ALCANTA PCB is the Isola 370HR pcb manufacturer. The Isola PCB has high thermal performance, UV barrier and AOI fluorescence. It is an application of high-speed materials, and has been processed with excellent processing, which is closest to all conventional FR-4 treatments.

Isola 370HR pcb manufacturer
Isola 370HR pcb manufacturer

Quick details:

  • Size: 18 * 10cm
  • Copper THK: 35um
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Isola laminate
  • Surface treatment: sinking gold, ENIG
  • 6 layers 1.2mm thick
  • Green solder mask, white silk screen
  • Row spacing and width: 10mil

Most popular Isola PCB material models:

  • Isola fr402,
  • 370HR,
  • fr408,
  • Isola410

Advantages of Isola PCB Laminate:

  • There is a shortage of Isola 370hr materials in stock,
  • Short feeding time, saving cost for you
  • Isola is a high performance glass transition temperature of 180 ° C
  • (TG) FR-4 system for multilayer printed circuit board (PWB)
  • Applications with optimum thermal performance and reliability
  • It is necessary. 370hr laminate and prepreg products are
  • It is manufactured by unique high performance multifunctional machine
  • Epoxy resin, reinforced with electronic grade (E-glass) glass fiber.
  • The system provides improved thermal performance and lower
  • Compared with the traditional FR-4, the expansion speed is maintained
  • FR-4 processability.
  • In addition to excellent thermal performance, mechanical,
  • Chemical resistance and moisture resistance are equal to or more than
  • Properties of traditional FR-4 materials. 370hr system
  • Also laser fluorescence and UV blocking for maximum compatibility
  • With automatic optical inspection (AOI) system, optical positioning
  • System and optical imaging of solder mask.
  • It has been proved that 370hr is the best laminate of its kind



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