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ALCANTA PCB is the Isola 370HR pcb manufacturer. The Isola PCB has high thermal performance, UV barrier and AOI fluorescence. It is an application of high-speed materials, and has been processed with excellent processing, which is closest to all conventional FR-4 treatments.

Isola 370HR pcb manufacturer
Isola 370HR pcb manufacturer

Quick details:

  • Size: 18 * 10cm
  • Copper THK: 35um
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Isola laminate
  • Surface treatment: sinking gold, ENIG
  • 6 layers 1.2mm thick
  • Green solder mask, white silk screen
  • Row spacing and width: 10mil

Most popular Isola PCB material models:

  • Isola fr402,
  • 370HR,
  • fr408,
  • Isola410

Advantages of Isola PCB Laminate:

  • There is a shortage of Isola 370hr materials in stock,
  • Short feeding time, saving cost for you
  • Isola is a high performance glass transition temperature of 180 ° C
  • (TG) FR-4 system for multilayer printed circuit board (PWB)
  • Applications with optimum thermal performance and reliability
  • It is necessary. 370hr laminate and prepreg products are
  • It is manufactured by unique high performance multifunctional machine
  • Epoxy resin, reinforced with electronic grade (E-glass) glass fiber.
  • The system provides improved thermal performance and lower
  • Compared with the traditional FR-4, the expansion speed is maintained
  • FR-4 processability.
  • In addition to excellent thermal performance, mechanical,
  • Chemical resistance and moisture resistance are equal to or more than
  • Properties of traditional FR-4 materials. 370hr system
  • Also laser fluorescence and UV blocking for maximum compatibility
  • With automatic optical inspection (AOI) system, optical positioning
  • System and optical imaging of solder mask.
  • It has been proved that 370hr is the best laminate of its kind



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