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The significance of co-pcb

Co-pcb or connection package, also known as compatible plastic card, is the latest invention in the field of electronics. There has been an efficient and cost-effective method of providing an electronic circuit to be packaged on a PCB surface. The term “compatible plastic card” comes from the name of the plastic used to make co-pcb circuit boards. Co-pcb is composed of several layers, such as conductive polyester, anodic elastic polyethylene and wafer film. The wafer film material is very thin, so it is easy to print the thickness of the co-pcb circuit board without interfering with the thickness of the circuit board.


The method of creating co-pcb has a wide range of applications, and is being used for small to large circuit boards. With the help of computer-based lithography software package (such as solid works software), co-pcb components are printed on the circuit layer. After printing the co-pcb, the engineers use the ion implantation etching system to embed the electronic components into the co-pcb board.

Co-pcb manufacturing

Two deposition methods are usually used in embedded circuit board manufacturing. The co-pcb can be deposited on a solid surface or on a semi permeable surface. In most cases, the solid-state surface method of co-pcb is used to create a plate with the largest surface area. Then, the co-pcb assembly is welded to the board by solder mask technology.

This method is usually used in circuit board manufacturing process and integrated circuit manufacturing process. The solder mask used in the solid surface method is provided with raised bumps to prevent liquid spills from reaching the parts. After the circuit board is produced by this method, its quality can be checked by several quality assurance methods (including resistance, conductivity, definition and size). If the quality inspection is not successful, it will be rejected and a new circuit board will be produced.

This is a relatively new technology designed to make electronic components more cost-effective and increase the production of the same component. Co-pcb can simulate any part of integrated circuit without integrated device. Due to its great advantages, co-pcb manufacturing technology has gained great development momentum in recent years. It is mainly used in digital LED display and wireless communication system. The next step will be to develop co-pcb components for automotive, medical equipment, food industry and other special applications.

Materials of co-pcb

At present, a variety of materials are used in PCB manufacturing, including PCB and wafer based materials, wire based materials and printed circuit board (PCB) materials. PCB is very important in this kind of PCB Applications, because it acts as the substrate to complete the circuit board manufacturing process. Provide a wide range of services to customers through the online portal.

The company provides a full range of services related to co-pcb manufacturing. Provide material testing and design services to customers during the manufacturing process. In the process of product manufacturing, check whether the co-pcb components meet the specifications provided by customers manually. Any product rejection or error in integration will cause great loss to the company. Therefore, all the efforts of engineers are aimed at improving the co-pcb manufacturing process.

co-pcb production

The latest technological progress makes it possible to produce co-pcb components with PC technology. However, the production of co-pcb can only be completed after receiving the final design from the customer. The final design is called “scanning protocol”. The whole co manufacturing process is a collaborative process under the supervision of PCB manufacturers. PCB manufacturers will ensure that the collaborative production process is completed within the specified time frame and within the budget of customers.



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