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The importance of 10 layer Halogen Free PCB

In the development of 10 layer Halogen Free PCB, there are many compounds and elements for various purposes. In the early days of PCB development, many toxic compounds were used as manufacturing cost savings or useful properties due to the special nature of the element. With the increasing understanding of the threats faced by past materials to today’s world, manufacturers are changing their methods and looking for new materials that do not pose a threat to individuals engaged in such creations.

10 layer Halogen Free PCB
10 layer Halogen Free PCB

The common compounds used in PCB development belong to halogen element family. Although they offer a certain advantage to the development of electronics in another way.

These elements are:

  • taurine
  • chlorine
  • bromine
  • iodine
  • A

Although there is still controversy about halogen toxicity in PCB development, there are two main factors that constitute the general consensus of halogen free PCB. These are chlorine and bromine. Each of them brings special benefits to the overall security and functionality of electronic products, but it poses a threat to the continuity of human and natural life.

Function of chlorine

Chlorine can be used in a variety of products. It is the main component of bleach used to clean and sterilize pools to kill bacteria. In small and diluted doses, the element can help protect life from diseases caused by viruses and bacterial strains. However, hazardous concentrations of chlorine present certain health risks.

Some symptoms of exposure to chlorine include:

  • blurred vision
  • uncontrollable cough
  • severe skin irritation and pain
  • nausea
  • dyspnea
  • burning sensation in nose, throat and eyes

Continuous exposure to chlorine can lead to serious complications, such as pulmonary edema or pulmonary effusion. According to a study published in the last edition of the journal Pediatrics, children swimming in chlorine treated swimming pools are eight times more likely to develop asthma (1). The effects of chlorine, including the disposal and destruction of related products, prompted the RoHS directive to consider the inclusion of chlorine in the electronic compliance list. It is not only a threat to human life, but also a toxic element, which may cause serious damage to the ecosystem.

How to use chlorine in electronics?

In general, chlorine based components have many uses in the development of electronic products. Although this element was initially an effective development tool, the threat it posed was difficult to circumvent.

Some uses of the material include:

  • PVC coating for cables and wires
  • PVC coating for cables and wires
  • chlorinated flame retardants to protect components and equipment
  • semiconductor development

Trichloroethylene solvent – trichloroethane solvent for cleaning computer chips

Function of bromine

Although bromine is not as notorious and popular as household products, it is still used in a variety of ways that many people may not consider. It is also used for water treatment in swimming pools and hot tubs, and for controlling bacterial growth and algae in industrial processes. Used as an insecticide in agriculture. Bromine is also being tested for use in electric vehicle batteries. Coincidentally, bromine is also part of many drugs in the health industry.

How to use bromine in electron?

At present, many brominated compounds are restricted by ROHS directive. These chemicals are mainly used as flame retardants and are usually used in electronic equipment chassis and in plastics of PCB itself. Although it prevents further damage from a fire, it is still a dangerous part, especially when it is inhaled as smoke from a molten plastic chassis.

According to pci-sig, a special interest group responsible for the interconnection bus specification of peripheral components of computer systems, printed circuit boards make up the largest contribution to the weight of halogen materials. Considering the weight distribution of the component, it support personnel must consider the security method to dispose of the upgraded motherboard in the computer system.



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