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Selection Requirements of Halogen Free PCB Materials

Panasonic has introduced a halogen free multilayer circuit board material called Megtron 6. Its capacity and speed are suitable for 5g system. In the current 5g era, this will be our pursuit of halogen-free multilayer circuit board materials. There is an increasing demand for environmental friendly halogen-free materials for circuit board materials used in communication infrastructure equipment.

halogen free pcb requirements
halogen free pcb requirements

What is Halogen Free PCB

The printed circuit board without halogen element is called halogen free PCB. Halogen elements are chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine and very, which are extremely lethal to life. For PCB to be considered as “halogen-free”, the content of chlorine or bromine must be less than 900 ppm, and the total amount of halogen material must be less than 1500 ppm.

Advantages of Halogen Free PCB

These PCBs do not contain health problems because they do not contain more than 1500 ppm chlorine or bromine. When this kind of PCB is disposed, it will not affect the environment, which is different from the traditional PCB, which will produce dioxins (a toxic chemical substance) when it generates electronic waste.

Application of Halogen Free PCB

Because they do not contain halogen, they can be used in any industry using PCB. The most important applications in industry are mobile and cars, because we used to keep in touch with mobile phones, cars and other vehicles. If PCB is halogen-free, we can be sure that it has less impact on our health.



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