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Rogers Ro4350b PCB Laminates

The rogers ro4350b pcb laminates can strictly control the dielectric constant (DK) and maintain low loss, while using the same processing method as standard epoxy resin / glass. The price of ro4350b laminate is only a small part of the traditional microwave laminate, and it does not need to be treated as a special through-hole treatment or processing program for PTFE based materials. These materials meet the UL 94 V-0 standard and are suitable for active devices and high-power RF designs.

Rogers ro4350b PCB Laminate
Rogers ro4350b PCB Laminate

Rogers ro4350b material is a proprietary woven glass fiber reinforced hydrocarbon / ceramic material, its electrical properties are close to PTFE / woven glass, and it has the manufacturability of epoxy / glass.

Characteristics of Rogers ro4350b PCB Laminate

  • DK was 3.48 + / – 0.05
  • The loss factor at 10 GHz is 0.0037
  • The thermal expansion coefficient of z-axis is low at 32 ppm / ℃

Rogers ro4350b pcb laminates benefits

  • Process like FR-4 has lower manufacturing cost
  • Competitive price
  • Excellent dimensional stability



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