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Rogers Hybrids and Mixed Dielectrics PCB

Here we will introduce Rogers Hybrids and Mixed Dielectrics pcb.Our company can produce high quality Rogers hybrids and mixed dielectrics PCB.How much impact will our proper RF material have on the performance of the circuit board. Parameters such as RF microwave energy level, operating frequency, operating temperature range, current and voltage are very important when selecting suitable materials for high frequency PC day make.

Rogers Hybrids and Mixed Dielectrics pcb
Rogers Hybrids and Mixed Dielectrics pcb

Ripe crown those rfpcb materials is one of our jobs. We have enough stock to ensure prompt delivery. Our experienced production team of engineers is confident in the quality of our products. They work closely with our quality inspection department to provide qualified products. We didn’t expect to make great achievements. However, more and more repeated orders show their satisfaction. Quality star is the child value of our company, we know the importance of quality.

RF / Microwave PCB materials:

Rogers ro4350b / ro3003 / ro4003 / ro3006 / RT / Duroid 5880 / rt5870, etc

We should also not forget Arlon / lsola / Taconic / ptfef4bm / Teflon materials.

Hybrid PCB materials (mixed dielectrics / laminates):

Rogers ro4350b + FR4 / ro4350b + it180 / ro4003c + FR4 / ro3010 + FR4 / ro3003 + FR4 / ro3010 + FR4, etc

Rogers Hybrids and Mixed Dielectrics pcb

  • Model: Rogers Hybrids and Mixed Dielectrics pcb
  • Dielectric constant: 3.38
  • Structure: two layers of Rogers ro4003c + 2layersfr4
  • Layers: 4 layers of PCB
  • Thickness of finished product: 1.0 mm
  • Dielectric thickness: 0.508mm
  • Total material thickness: 1 / (18um) HH / HH
  • Thickness of finished cobalt: 1 / 0.5/0.5/1 (oz)
  • Surface treatment: Immersion
  • Application: Communication Equipment PCB



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