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Rigid flexible pcb manufacturer

Alcanta PCB is one of the manufacturers of rigid flexible PCB. Rigid flexible PCB, also known as flexible circuit, is sometimes considered as rigid flexible printed circuit board (PCB). In fact, there are significant differences between PCB and flexible circuit in design, manufacture and function. A common mistake that designers make is to design flexible circuits using the same rules as PCB. Flexible circuits require unique settings and have their own set of design rules. All flexible teams call them “flexible” and have been working on improving them for more than 25 years. These pcbdes can not be separated from the support of many technical personnel.

rigid flexible pcb manufacturer
rigid flexible pcb manufacturer

Rigid flexible pcb definition

The word “printing” is a bit of a misnomer because many manufacturing processes today use photographic or laser imaging as a method of pattern definition rather than printing.

Rigid flexible pcb material structure

A flexible printed circuit consists of a metal wire trace layer (usually copper) bonded to a dielectric layer usually polyimide. The thickness of the metal layer can be very thin (<. 0001 “) to very thick (>. 010”) and the thickness of the dielectric layer can range from. 0005 “to. 010”. Generally, the metal is bonded to the substrate using an adhesive, but other types of bonding, such as vapor deposition, can be used to bond the metal

Because copper is easy to oxidize, the exposed surface is usually covered with a protective layer. Gold or solder is the two most common materials due to its conductivity and environmental durability. For non-contact areas, dielectric materials are used to protect the circuit from oxidation or short circuit.

The number of material combinations that can enter flexible printed circuits is almost infinite. Current, capacitance, chemical and mechanical resistance, limiting temperature and type of deflection are just some of the criteria that affect the selection of materials that best meet the functional requirements. Experienced all flex design engineers consider key requirements when designing circuits that meet your needs.



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