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Rigid Flex PCB Types

Rigid Flex pcb supports two main application types: Flex to Install and Dynamic Flex.

Rigid Flex Types
Flex to Install
Rigid Flex Types
Dynamic Flex

Flex to put in is that the commonest sort of rigid flex PCB application. during this circuit application, the board folds just one occasion when the device is assembled or removed. aside from this, the flex a part of the board remains stable throughout use; though some movement may occur within the case of high vibration applications.

By contrast, it’s sometimes necessary for a PCB to be ready to fold and bend repeatedly during outcome use. this sort of circuit application is understood as dynamic flex. It requires special consideration to make sure the flexible portion of the board can withstand repeated wear. When designed with an appropriate bend radius, these circuit boards are often trusted to last for many thousands of flex cycles without issue.



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