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Related Process of EM888 PCB Manufacturing

Alcanta PCB is one among the leading companies which will manufacture EM888 PCB. With the increasing demand for circuit card layers, the alignment between layers becomes vital.

Alignment between layers requires tolerance convergence. With the change of circuit card size, this type of fusion requirements become more stringent. All layout processes are generated during a controlled temperature and humidity environment. the subsequent is about EM888 7mm thick plate related knowledge, hope to assist you better understand EM888 7mm thick plate.

EM888 pcb manufacturing
EM888 pcb manufacturing

Alcanta PCB is one of the leading manufacturers of quickturn printed circuit boards, providing high mix, small batch and quickturn prototypes for high-tech industries in 28 countries. The flex-48 includes a variety of high-frequency PCB, high-efficiency, and high-frequency operation to meet customers’ demands. Hontec can produce 4500 varieties per month to meet the requirements of 4-layer PCB 24-hour delivery, 6-layer 48-hour delivery and 8-layer or more high-level PCB 72-hour delivery requirements.

  • Substrate: benefit
  • Copper thickness: 1oz plate thickness: 7.4mm
  • Minimum opening size: above 0.5mm line
  • width: above 8 million
  • line spacing: 8 million
  • Surface treatment: ENIG
  • Layers: 4L PCB standard: ipc-a-600
  • Solder mask: Green
  • Legend: white



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