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Quick Turn Around PCBs


Do you need rapid PCB prototyping with quick turn around times?

For the past 15 years, engineers, assemblers, and designers from around the world have counted on us for their quick turn PCBs. Companies big and small know that they can depend on us for their mission-critical PCBs. We have an industry leading on-time percentage that customers have come to love. We understand the importance of delivering on our promises, so we have a rock solid customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with your order, we are quick to make sure that we make it right. Please let your sales rep know what your timeline is including your required dock date. This will allow us to better understand how fast we need to manufacture your boards.

Quick Turn Around PCBs, Quick Turn PCBs, Fast PCB Delivery
Quick Turn Around PCBs, Quick Turn PCBs, Fast PCB Delivery

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Unlike PCB brokers, we manufacture our boards in-house, so our entire printed circuit board manufacturing process is more agile. We can answer your questions directly, without having to relay information to another PCB house. If you need to know what materials we have in inventory, your current order status, or make any urgent changes, you know that you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and that you have accurate and timely information.

PCB Quick Turn Around TimesCapability
24 hoursYES (PREMIUM)
48 hoursYES
72 hoursYES
5 DaysYES
8 DaysYES

Lead time is critical when prototyping a new PCB design. It is a competitive advantage for your business to test out your designs at a faster rate than your competitors. Today, larger companies like Space X, Honeywell, and Boeing are purchasing faster lead times to get to market faster. Let us know more about your products and goals, so we better understand what you need from us to be more successful.
TIP: If you have multiple PCBs that you are looking to prototype, you can save quite a bit of money by putting them in one gerber/drill file set. As long as it fits within our standard panel’s usable space of 12″x17″, we would only charge you our lot charge as if you only had one unique board. Now, keep in mind that you can even combine 2 and 4 layer boards with the two internal layers for the double-sided board being empty. A couple of things to consider is that the surface finish, mask, and silkscreen color for all of the boards will be the same.

Get a Fast PCB Quote

We encourage new customers to submit their PCB specifications using the PCB quote page. However, you can directly send us your information via email. We are confident that once you have experienced the ALCANTA PCB company’s difference, you will continue to use us for all of your future quickturn PCB business. We look forward to quoting your PCBs and earning your business.



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