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Popular Led PCB – Very Useful for Electronic Products

With the rapid development of printed circuit PCB industry, led PCB emerges as the times require. Some LEDs are soldered to PCB to make lighting electronics.

Led pcb
Led pcb

As we all know, compared with other electronic parts, LED will produce more heat, which requires PCB to have better heat dissipation capacity. For these special requirements, metal core PCB is usually used for LED PCB, especially aluminum core PCB. This is because aluminum pcb usually includes a layer of thermal conductive dielectric material, which can transfer and dissipate heat much more efficiently than traditional rigid pcb.

Aluminum is often used to make circuit boards for LED lights. It is based on PCB / PWB and has thermal conductive thin layer of insulating material. Compared with traditional rigid pcb, it can effectively dissipate heat.

Application of LED PCB

Because they combine excellent energy efficiency, low cost and maximum design flexibility. LED lamp PCB has many applications, including traditional household appliances, such as LED lamp, car lamp, emergency lamp, solar street lamp, flashlight and LED flashlight. As copper alloy or cem3 PCB has high heat dissipation performance, it can replace the standard FR4 substrate.

Advantages of LED PCB:

When it comes to the advantages of using LED PCB, there are many advantages, and we will now mention some of them so that you can also learn about the application.

Light weight
No size problem
low power consumption
There are different sizes
Heat dissipation performance
Dustproof and moistureproof
It can be used in silver flexible membrane switch and copper flexible membrane switch



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