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Piranha Mini LED PCB Breakout Board Kit

There are many sorts of LED PCB, which is that the mini led PCB of distribution board. The piranha may be a high-power RGB (red, green, blue) led. the essential sort of RGB LED are often illuminated in red, blue or green. you’ll also mix colors to make other colors!

breakout board mini led pcb
breakout board mini led pcb

Because of the square shape of the piranha, it doesn’t work well on bread boards. Our piranha breakout board can are available handy. The breakout board makes piranha bread board compatible.

The kit includes:

  • Breakout PCB
  • Piranha LED
  • Three 470 ohm resistors (optional)
  • 4-pin male
  • Mounting hole

Resistance is optional. If the line into the LED is disturbed by pulses, or if there is resistance in your project, all you have to do is weld the LED and then connect it. If the attached resistor is required, the connection needs to be scored under the resistor at the bottom (see photo). Use an art knife to cut the small mark on the bottom of the cutting pad. Test with a multimeter to make sure the trace is cut.

The piranha included in the kit is a normal cathode model, which means you connect a ground (0V) to the “C” pin and + 5V to the R, g or B pins to light the LED.

Kit requirements:

Soldering iron, solder and (optional) amateur knife.

Be careful:

The piranha LED patch panel is just a patch panel that doesn’t control the LEDs, it just makes it easy for you to connect the LEDs. If you’re looking for products that can be linked together to run many LEDs, check out macetech’s shiftbrites. Shiftbrite uses only four pins on your microcontroller, and you can link 100 of them together.



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