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PCB Reverse Engineering

PCB reverse engineering is a skill, not only need to know electronic technology. We are not talking about re creating PCB drawings here, but on the schematic itself. For beginners, this is difficult, if not impossible, reserved only for those with determination and qualifications. However, the author believes that having the right mentality and mastering the right knowledge will enable even ordinary electronic engineers to do so.

PCB reverse engineering
PCB reverse engineering

As a value-added service

As a value-added service, Alcanta PCB provides PCB reverse engineering to regenerate Gerber files and BOM for customers who need electronic files. If you need Gerber file and BOM, we require you to reverse engineer PCB with a piece of assembled PCB, or if you only need Gerber file, it is just a bare board without parts.

Bare board reverse engineering

For reverse engineering of bare boards of one or two layers, you don’t need to send us physical boards, you just need to send us scanned images. However, the scanned image must be 1:1, so you can ensure that the reverse engineered board will have the same size as the original board. Alternatively, you can provide the scale factor or size shown on the scanned image so that we can understand the size of the circuit board.

For multi-layer PCB, we do require you to send it in the form of PCB sample, because we need to reverse engineer the inner layer, and if the PCB board is not stripped, the inner layer cannot be scanned.



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