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PCB Fabrication

Alcanta PCB provides printed circuit board fabrication with consistent high quality and affordable price. Whether it’s used for prototype or mass production, Alcanta PCB can meet your pcb fabrication needs in a variety of materials and technologies. We focus on multi-layer printed circuit boards, impedance control circuit boards and HDI PCB of different complexity, and we offer a variety of useful free options to ensure that our customers always get the best products.

pcb fabrication
pcb fabrication

What is PCB fabrication?

Printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication is a method of assembling circuit boards for electronic and computer equipment. The layers of the circuit board are placed together with specific surface patterns, so they can be used in electronic manufacturing. Usually, the company that makes PCB will also produce related products for its customers. Electronic product manufacturers can manufacture in-house or outsource the operation to third-party experts. With so many companies operating in this gray area, Alcanta PCB can provide more services if needed.

It may not be helpful to jump directly into the manufacturing process without understanding the relationship and steps between the conceived schematic or idea and the creation idea. Before defining PCB manufacturing, it may be helpful to define some other terms and their interrelationships.

PCB developmentPCB development can be defined as the process of PCB design from design to production. It usually includes three stages: design, manufacture and test. For all designs except the simplest, this process is iterative, with the aim of achieving the highest quality design in the allocated development time.
PCB manufacturingPCB manufacturing is the construction of your circuit board design. This is a two-step process, from PCB manufacturing to PCB assembly.
PCB testingPCB testing (sometimes called “refining”) is the third stage of PCB development. Execution after manufacturing. During the development process, tests are carried out to evaluate the ability of the circuit board to perform its expected operating functions. At this stage, any errors or areas where the design should be modified to improve performance are identified and another cycle is initiated to incorporate design changes.
PCB assemblyPCB assembly or PCBA is the second step or stage of PCB manufacturing, in which the circuit board assembly is installed on the bare board by welding process.

PCB fabrication steps

  1. Design and output
  2. From files to movies
  3. Printing inner layer: where will copper flow?
  4. Remove unwanted copper
  5. Layer alignment and optical inspection
  6. Layering and binding
  7. Drill
  8. Electroplating and copper deposition
  9. Outer layer imaging
  10. Electroplate
  11. Final etching
  12. Application of solder mask
  13. Surface treatment
  14. Silk screen printing
  15. Electrical test
  16. Analysis and v-score



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