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  • Cavity PCB Fabrication

    Cavity PCB fabrication requires a lot of patience. In cavity PCB manufacturing, you need to pay special attention to some details, which will determine the success or failure of cavity PCB.
  • How to choose the rigid flex pcb manufacturer

    ALCANTAPCB is one of the rigid flex pcb manufacturer. In rigid flex pcb design, material selection, physical stacking, signal integrity requirements and design rule constraints become more critical. Because there are many factors to consider, it is important to select a PCB manufacturer to analyze your application carefully to fully…
  • Application and advantages of rigid flexible pcb

    The price of rigid flexible pcb is high, but it is widely used. It can be customized for various industries. They are very suitable for military, aerospace and medical equipment, but can also be used in some commercial products. rigid flexible pcb There are several situations that make rigid flexible…
  • Rigid Flex PCB Types

    Rigid Flex pcb supports two main application types: Flex to Install and Dynamic Flex. Flex to Install Dynamic Flex Flex to put in is that the commonest sort of rigid flex PCB application. during this circuit application, the board folds just one occasion when the device is assembled or removed.…
  • Materials of Isola 370HR PCB

    The material of Isola 370hr PCB is FR4, FR4 specifies the material type of PCB – FR4 is another name for "glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminate". It is a common PCB material. It is widely used as PCB material because of its high dielectric strength, high mechanical strength, light weight,…

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