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  • Why Choose Rogers Printed Circuit Board?

    With the development of 5g technology, more and more equipment require high-performance high-frequency PCB and RF PCB. They need low signal loss and low electrical noise. Rogers PCB material is very suitable to meet the technical characteristics and has cost-effectiveness. rogers printed circuit board Rogers printed circuit board application: 5g…
  • High Frequency pcb board Manufacturing

    The high frequency of electronic equipment is a development trend, especially in the wireless network and satellite communication, the development of high speed and high frequency information products, and the standardization of voice, video and data used for large capacity and fast wireless transmission. Communication products. New generation products that…
  • High Frequency pcb manufacturer

    Alcanta PCB is one of the High Frequency pcb manufacturers.High frequency electronic equipment is the development trend, especially in wireless network.
  • Flex Circuit Board Manufacturers

    A flex circuit board or FPCB is a patterned arrangement of printed circuits and components using flex based materials with or without a flexible overlay. These flex electronic components can be manufactured using the same components as rigid printed circuit boards, but the board is allowed to conform to the…
  • 16 Layer PCB Manufacturer

    Alcanta PCB is a professional PCB production service provider with years of experience in the electronic manufacturing industry. We specialize in providing high quality PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and component purchasing services for companies of all sizes. Provide 4 layer PCB, 8 layer PCB and 16 layer PCB online. We…
  • 18 Layer PCB Manufacturer

    Looking for 18 layer PCB manufacturer? Alcanta PCB provides high quality and fast batch PCB manufacturing.

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