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  • High Frequency PCB Design Guidelines

    The design of High Frequency PCB is very important to support practical application. When PCB processes High Frequency signal, the problem of signal transmission is prominent.
  • What is Good Copper Clad Laminate

    Copper clad laminate (CCL) is a basic material of PCB. Using glass fiber or wood pulp paper as reinforcing material, CCL is a kind of product which is made by soaking in resin and then covering one or both sides of the reinforcing material with copper-clad foil.
  • Flex-Rigid PCB Design

    Using flex-rigid pcb, flexible circuit board and rigid circuit board are laminated together. flex-rigid pcb crosses the boundary of traditional rigid pcb, and the unique characteristic of flexible circuit is to use flexible circuit which photo etch annealed copper conductor with high conductivity onto flexible insulation film.
  • Where to Buy Heavy Copper PCB

    Thick copper PCB or weighing copper PCB refers to printed circuit board with copper thickness more than 3oz (oz).
  • When to Use Rigid PCB and When to Use Flex PCB

    The cost of rigid pcb is usually less than that of flexible circuit. I say "usually" because some applications are cheaper to use flexible PCB than rigid pcb when considering total cost of ownership.
  • What Is PCB Prototype Service?

    Differences Between PCB Prototyping And Standard Production. Eminent PCB manufacturers such as RushPCB offer two different types of product-based service-PCB production and PCB prototyping.

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