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Multilayer pcb manufacturing

Alcanta PCB offers high quality multilayer pcb. From the simplest 1-layer PCB to the most complex 90 layer PCB. Alcanta PCB’s PCB manufacturing meets the needs of most customers in the market.A multilayer PCB is a circuit board with more than two layers. Unlike a double-sided PCB with only two layers of conductive material, all multilayer PCBs must have at least three layers of conductive material buried in the center of the material.

multilayer pcb manufacturing
multilayer pcb manufacturing

Manufacturing multilayer PCB

The demand for multilayer printed circuit boards has been growing. Electronic devices are becoming smaller, faster, and more powerful driving force makes Multilayer PCB more and more popular. The ability to create multi-layer boards opens up unlimited possibilities for engineers to create higher density boards for miniaturization. This is a huge advantage that double-sided boards cannot provide.

The first process in Multilayer PCB production is to make the inner layer the core

The process begins with the selection of a laminate of the correct thickness and covered with the required weight of copper foil. Both sides of the core are covered with UV sensitive dry film resist, which is “hot rolled” and laminated in place. Use film created from electronic data to transfer inner circuits and planes to resist.

The transparent area of the film makes UV light contact with the resist, hardens it, and adheres to the core surface. In the following process, the resist will be protected from light. Developing the resist will expose the Cu area to be removed from the core surface.

Multilayer PCB lamination

Materials used in the lamination process include: inner core, “prepreg” sheet (fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin) and copper foil. Tool holes on each piece of material and core are used to align them as they stack. For a quad, there will be a foil at the bottom, followed by a specific amount of prepreg, the inner core. Then there’s more prepreg, and finally the top layer of the foil. The panel stack is built on top of a heavy metal plate, and when finished, a top plate is added to create a “book.”. Then move the book to the heated hydraulic press.

Within 2 hours, pressure, heat and vacuum are applied to force the resin from the prepreg blank to be elastic and flow through the core and foil surface. After curing, the resin connects the glass plate, inner core and aluminum foil together to form a multilayer PCB panel.

Select the right supplier for multilayer pcb

The process of manufacturing multilayer printed circuit boards requires special equipment and a lot of training for operators, not to mention financial considerations. This explains why some manufacturers enter the multi-layer manufacturing market more slowly than others.

Alcanta PCB offers high quality PCB from layer 1 to layer 90. We offer FR4 PCB, aluminum pcb, metal PCB, Flex PCB, flex rigid pcb, high frequency PCB, Rogers PCB, high Tg PCB and many Multilayer PCB. Fast delivery service. We can produce PCB with fast delivery in one or two days.



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