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Materials used in Rogers PCB

In the manufacture of Rogers PCBs, the type of material used is very important, but the price is very important. In FR-4, when it comes to their own costs and Rogers’ materials are different. FR-4 is cheaper than Rogers.

Rogers PCB
Rogers PCB

Rogers PCB Materials

FR-4 is one of the low-cost materials used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. It is preferred to be based on the minimum processing cost. Although PCB made of FR-4 material is famous for its low performance. But they cost less than printed circuit boards made of Rogers materials. By considering the price of the content and its processing needs, you can determine whether you have value for money.

However, if you need printed circuit boards made of cheap materials, it is best to choose printed circuit boards made of FR-4 materials. However, if you don’t have a budget and need high-performance PCB made of the best material, PCB made of Rogers material will be better. However, you need to keep in mind that choosing Rogers’ materials may be the best choice, because in the end, cheap may become very expensive.

Rogers 4350 or Rogers 4350b

Whether it is made of Rogers 4350 or Rogers 4350b, printed circuit boards made of FR-4 and Rogers materials are very popular due to their wide range of electronic applications, which is well justified.

Printed circuit board (PCB) made of FR-4 material is popular because of its low cost, reliable electrical and mechanical properties and widely known. They can be used in everything from microwave design to audio circuits. Unfortunately, printed circuit boards made of FR-4 materials are not ideal for high frequency applications. Rogers made the most famous high frequency special laminate. Compared with the printed circuit board made of FR-4 material, the dielectric constant of the material is reduced by nearly 20%.

The best way to determine whether your project is suitable for high frequency laminates is to determine the mechanical and electrical requirements of the job. If you find that there are too many differences between electrical and mechanical aspects, it’s better to use Rogers materials.

Rogers printed circuit board uses a variety of materials, but the main materials are as follows:

  • Laminates consisting of glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminates
  • Cross stacking glass fiber reinforced laminates
  • PTEE ceramic laminate
  • Woven glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminate
  • Woven glass fiber reinforced PTFE antenna grade laminate
  • Laminated braided glass fiber reinforced PTFE
  • Woven glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin IMS
  • Hydrocarbon / ceramic / glass fiber UL 94 V-0 laminate
  • Hydrocarbon / ceramic / glass fiber
  • PTFE ceramic
  • Filled PTFE Composites
  • PTFE random glass fiber



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