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Material type of PCB in work

In order to improve the performance of PCB, we ensure that only the best substrate materials provided by well-known suppliers are selected. The types of materials we use in the production process include:



FR-4, representing “flame retardant”, refers to the material grade composed of woven glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin adhesive. The reasons for its popularity include high dielectric strength, light weight, high mechanical strength and moisture resistance. FR4 printed circuit board is widely used in high frequency design. FR4 material has standard high glass transition temperature. We also provide halogen-free versions of the material.

Fr 406:

This is a high performance epoxy resin material designed to meet the requirements of multilayer printed circuit boards. This material is treated in the same way as the standard FR4 PCB material; however, it provides improved dimensional control, excellent thermal and chemical properties.

370 HR:

370hr is a high-performance FR-4 laminate for multilayer printed circuit boards, in which reliability and maximum thermal stability are crucial. These laminates are made of multi-functional epoxy resin and reinforced with grade e fiberglass cloth. This material provides better thermal properties than FR4.

Rogers 4003:

Ro4003 Gamma It is a non PTFE material for high frequency circuit, which is designed with glass reinforced ceramic / hydrocarbon laminate. These circuit engineering materials are designed for mass and performance sensitive applications. The material follows the same manufacturing method as FR4, and at the same time, it can control the dielectric constant excellently. Different from various PTFE based microwave materials, this material does not need any processing program or through-hole processing. RO4003 Gamma The material does not comply with UL 94V-0, which means it is not recommended for applications requiring UL 94V-0 flame retardant rating.

Rogers 4350:

RO4350B Gamma The material meets the requirements of UL 94V-0. It is glass fiber reinforced ceramic / hydrocarbon, and its electrical performance is equivalent to that of glass / PTFE. The material was treated according to FR4 standard. Ro4350b TM provides strict control of dielectric constant, and does not need special treatment or through-hole treatment (as PTFE based microwave material). As a famous Rogers PCB manufacturer, we continue to produce circuit boards for high power RF design and active devices.

Aluminum and copper base:

Our name is well known in the market, and we are a reliable manufacturer of copper multilayer PCB. In general, our products are called metal based PCBs. Aluminum and copper based PCBs are famous for their thermal conductivity, machinability and electrical insulation properties. We are a famous supplier of aluminum printed circuit board, committed to providing the best quality circuit board to meet your performance requirements.


Are you looking for a leading manufacturer of Teflon PCB for the next project? We at twisted tracks are experienced in handling materials. Teflon (PTFE) is famous for its thermal stability, durability, flame retardancy and electrical properties, which makes it one of the reliable materials for PCB manufacturing.



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