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Introduction of high Tg FR4 PCB manufacturing

We will introduce you to the High tg FR4 PCB and High tg FR4 PCB manufacturing.Generally, high Tg refers to the high heat resistance of PCB raw materials. The standard Tg of copper clad laminate is between 130 – 140 ℃, the high Tg is usually greater than 170 ℃, and the intermediate TG is usually greater than 150 ℃. Basically, PCB with TG ≥ 170 ℃ is called high Tg PCB.

With the rapid development of the electrical industry, especially for the electronic products represented by computers, to the direction of high performance and high multilayer, PCB substrate materials with higher heat resistance are required to ensure high reliability. On the other hand, due to the development of SMT, the support of PCB manufacturing Via size, thin wire and thin thickness and high heat resistance is more and more inseparable due to the development of SMT.

High tg FR4 PCB Manufacturing
High tg FR4 PCB Manufacturing

If the Tg of PCB substrate is increased, the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and stability of printed circuit board will also be improved. High Tg is suitable for lead-free PCB production process.

Therefore, the difference between ordinary FR4 and high Tg FR4 lies in that in the thermal state, especially in the case of moisture absorption, the performance of high Tg PCB substrate is better than that of ordinary FR4 in mechanical strength, dimensional stability, adhesion and water. Absorption and thermal decomposition.

High tg FR4 PCB Manufacturing

High Tg PCB is a printed circuit board made of high Tg substrate. The TG value begins at about 170 ° C. In addition, most high Tg manufacturing materials can reach tg170 ° C. If the PCB should be subjected to high thermal load, the necessary long-term operating temperature must be determined as soon as possible in order to select the appropriate base material. If not considered, PCB may melt and crack.

Many people only know that hi TG PCB is FR4 rigid pcb, but because FCCL always contains glass fiber, they do not know that they can also be rigid flexible PCB and flexible PCB. As a high Tg printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, we always stock enough PCB materials with high Tg FR4 CCL and FCCL.

Why need High tg FR4 PCB?

As a leading PCB manufacturer and supplier, we are always asked when and why we need high Tg PCB. Of course, if your PCB is operating at a thermal load less than 25 ° C (77 ° f) below the TG value, your application needs a high Tg circuit board. There are three main reasons why you need high Tg PCB. 1 st is the higher operating temperature. The second time is in line with ROHS arrival and high SMT reflux temperature of electronic components, which may break up about 260 ℃. Three times is the pursuit of Multilayer PCB durability and product stability.

Why is TG not mentioned in the material data sheet sometimes?

Some common high frequency materials do not mention TG in their data sheets. Because of the original meaning of glass transition temperature. Some ceramic and PTFE materials do not contain any glass fiber glass, so there is no technical glass transition temperature. In general, this fact also applies to polyimide (flexible PCB material). However, FPC materials, whether adhesive or non adhesive FPC materials, are always not pure PI, but contain a certain degree of epoxy. The heat resistance of FPC is limited by epoxy resin rather than polyimide.



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