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Introduction of Heavy Copper PCB in Manufacturing Technology

According to IPC, heavy copper has no set definition. We usually define a heavy copper PCB as using 3 ounces or more of copper in the inner and / or outer layers of a printed circuit board or power distribution board. Thick copper PCB is characterized by a structure with a copper thickness of 105 to 400 μ M. Saturn is UL certified to use up to 6 ounces of copper in the inner and outer layers, and can produce both electroplated and non electroplated PCBs for double-sided and multi-layer applications, up to 20 ounces of copper. The heavy copper content helps to keep the internal components cool and improve their performance.

heavy copper pcb
heavy copper pcb

The thicker copper allows a larger PCB cross section for high current loads and helps to dissipate heat. The most common design is multi-layer or double-sided design. With this PCB technology, the fine layout structure of the outer layer can be combined with the thick copper layer of the inner layer.

Application area

Heavy copper can be used for a variety of purposes, including high power distributed cooling, planar transformers and power converters. Emerging industries such as EV and PV use heavy copper to achieve high current carrying capacity, while BMS combines it with Flex PCB.

Production issues

Here you will find information about the heavy copper manufacturing problems we have solved:

  • layered
  • Inner alignment
  • Over Etch

Heavy copper substrate has the following advantages:

  • Reduced wired bus configuration leads to smaller PCB size
  • Easy to integrate with high power circuit and control circuit
  • The reduced thermal resistance is enhanced by adding copper coating to the through hole
  • Higher current carrying capacity and heat resistance
  • Because it is easy to include multiple copper weights in a single layer, the number of layers is reduced
  • Enhance the mechanical strength of PTH hole and connector
  • Allows full use of exotic materials without causing circuit failure
  • Heavy copper plated vias flow large currents through the circuit board and help transfer heat to the external heat sink.
  • PCB can withstand high thermal cycle

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