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Introduce of Embedded Cavity PCB Manufacturing

This paper introduces embedded cavity pcb manufacturing. As a kind of circuit assembly technology which is helpful to the multi-function and high-performance of wearable electronic devices, embedded technology plays an active role in reducing the interconnection path between components and reducing transmission loss. It is one of the solutions to guide PCB miniaturization, high integration and high performance. Active devices (AD) and passive devices (PD) are embedded in the board or cavity.

 Embedded Cavity PCB Manufacturing
Embedded Cavity PCB Manufacturing

The application of embedded technology can significantly reduce the number of connection points, external pads, through holes and lead length, which can improve the integrity of circuit board and reduce the parasitic inductance of printed circuit. So far, commercial, aviation,

What is Cavity PCB?

PCB cavity plays an important role in reducing the size of electronic products. Compared with the standard PCB, the Cavity PCB has structural grooves for other functions. The main driving factors of the cavity are thermal management and miniaturization of electronic equipment. As smaller products become more and more popular, more and more customers are looking to us for PCB cavity technology.

The PCB cavity provides space for electronic components such as capacitors, transistors and logic modules, making the assembled PCB generally thinner. They can be applied to multi-layer PCB, and if used on a single circuit board, they can provide different layouts of multiple cavities with different depths.

PCB manufacturers provide a variety of methods to create PCB cavities. Most cavity plates are manufactured with controllable deep milling process and equipped with special milling machines. If necessary, the cavity can be electroplated. Another way to produce cavities is to laminate sequentially with a low or no flow precompressor. The third method is through laser depth control. Rocket PCB works with powerful suppliers who have done excellent research on PCB cavities. With the growth trend of small products, we strive to develop more new technologies to manufacture smaller products and attract more customers to use our PCB cavities. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Embedded technology in Cavity PCB

At present, there are two kinds of embedded technology for PCB, they are different in installation method. One depends on the pad and the other on the through-hole. The following figure shows the main types and subcategories of embedded PCB assembly methods.

 Embedded Cavity PCB Manufacturing
Embedded Cavity PCB Manufacturing

For the PCB installation method of embedded components with pads, firstly, the embedded components should be assembled on the electrode formed on the substrate and electrically connected. Then, insulating resin is applied to fill and bury the components and electrodes. For installation, it depends on the SMT. Solder or conductive adhesive is used as mounting material.



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