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How to understand Rogers PCB material characteristics

Many manufacturers of Rogers PCB material products have previously announced that they will reduce the material properties of some old products. There are two main factors that affect this. One fact is that in response to consumer demand, Rogers PCB manufacturers have responded with new products of higher quality. Another factor is that a reduction in materials usually increases material costs for all producers.

Rogers PCB material
Rogers PCB material

Two main material properties of Rogers PCB

The two main material properties of PCB include dielectric strength and tensile strength. The dielectric strength is expressed as pasr and the tensile strength is expressed as MPI. Generally, higher dielectric strength means higher RGP value (reliability factor). Therefore, when looking at circuit products, increasing dielectric strength usually improves reliability and reduces cost.

High frequency boards are used in many electronic applications, including computer systems. In addition to computer equipment, HF board is also used for military applications and space flight. In addition to dielectric constant and dielectric strength, manufacturers also need to consider the influence of temperature and pressure changes on RGP. For example, an increased RGP value usually means that the stress level will increase and the ability to transmit power will decrease appropriately. Therefore, the characteristics of these two materials must be considered when designing high frequency board products.

Size requirement of Rogers PCB

Torsion and cross-sectional dimensions are important for both RF and non RF circuit board manufacturing. The torsion dimension is the cross-sectional area of the component structure. The cross-sectional dimension measures the area between the metal surface and the adjacent metal layer. It is usually used in the design and manufacture of circuit boards.

The cross-sectional dimension is a measurement that specifies the cross-sectional area exposed to the top of the device. The size of the area affects reliability, durability, and the ability to install equipment correctly and cleanly. Increased torsion or cross-sectional dimensions will reduce the number of mechanical points from which the component is separated. These devices are usually installed in applications with many mechanical points. Due to the increase of cost and weight, manufacturers often choose circuit boards with higher dielectric constant and better material properties.

Rogers printers, circuit boards and other electronic applications use a material called Mylar because it can withstand high frequency vibrations. The film also has excellent transparency and color separation. Because of these characteristics, Rogers PCB manufacturers often use this material laminate in combination with metal oxides to achieve smooth metal lamination. The film also has excellent adhesive support and adheres to various plastics including PCC, polycarbonate and VHb. Despite its excellent dielectric properties, Rogers PCB manufacturers should also use high-quality soldering irons for the best results.

Rogers PCB material

The final PCB material discussed is RFM or RF gas seal mandrel roll. The circuit material is mainly used for power wiring and antenna connection. Because of its high frequency performance and flexibility, it is usually used in combination with PCC. The low cost and low weight of the module make it a very feasible alternative to metal laminates such as PCC and VHb.


PCB manufacturers do a good job in explaining their products, so ordinary consumers can understand their technical specifications. A person should carefully consider these factors before buying goods to ensure that the goods they buy can meet their needs. If PCC based laminates are to be used in the design, it is necessary to ensure that the purchased equipment is made of high frequency dielectric materials, such as PCC. If antennas are used only in product design, it may be necessary to consider designing equipment for use with low dielectric components such as aluminum or copper. Whatever the application, choosing the right Rogers PCB material will make the world different.



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