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How BT PCB technology promotes the progress of smart phones

PCB is a very important part of electrical appliances. From computers, home appliances to cars and robots, any device with electronic components has one or more built-in computer chips. Equipment manufacturers have been seeking to make their products smaller, lighter, and more complex to provide higher performance products, thereby improving product competitiveness. You may have a good example – smart phone technology has evolved with each new model, becoming lighter, more powerful and more powerful at the same time.

BT PCB technology
BT PCB technology

Chip manufacturers in these devices have been looking for ways to improve their chip technology to meet the needs of manufacturers for larger device functions. In order to improve the performance and make the equipment more portable, more parts need to be packed into the chip package. This is made possible by the use of a compact material that can reduce the spacing between traces on the substrate.

Trace spacing is reduced from more than 100 microns to less than 20 microns (1 micron is one thousandth of a millimeter). The biggest challenge in PCB production is to prevent deformation or bending caused by temperature changes. PCB manufacturing involves a process of alternating heat and cold, and the chip must be made of materials that maintain its shape under such conditions.

The chip must also be able to maintain its performance specifications without compromising the performance of the chip throughout its life cycle through the expansion and contraction that occurs every time the device is turned on and off. BT resin is a “low warpage” material with high structural integrity and performs well in all aspects. Our BT resin is the key material in the chips running in today’s electronic equipment, and we will continue to develop and improve the capability of BT resin for future technology.

Targeting chips with higher size substrate materials for AI and IOT, the future of information technology.

Electronic technology is developing rapidly, and information technology is at the forefront of this revolution.

Powerful mobile technologies like smart phones have become the standard, while wearable devices are just the beginning of the Internet of things (IOT) era and the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) era. Each of these technologies represents the exponential growth of information processing capacity and complexity, which will require a great revolution in semiconductor technology.

BT PCB is the key to make these technologies feasible. MGC is increasing the size of BT resin to a higher size. Looking forward to the future needs of chip manufacturers, we are conducting research and development to enhance the function of the substrate, which will lay the foundation for the next leap in information technology.



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