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Halogen Free PCB Materials

The capacity and speed of Halogen Free PCB are suitable for 5g system. A group of materials intended for reduction and eventual elimination are halogenated compounds. Halogens are present in the plastics of cables and enclosures, laminates, components and flux. The substitution of these halogenated compounds will have a significant impact on the PCB assembly process.

Halogen Free PCB materials
Halogen Free PCB materials

There is an increasing demand for environmentally friendly halogen-free materials for circuit board materials used in communication infrastructure equipment. Traditionally, the use of non halogen flame retardants increases transmission loss, especially in the high frequency range.

Halogen free materials overcome this challenge by applying their proprietary resin design and composite technology.

Product features:

  1. Halogen free materials with low transmission loss are helpful to achieve higher capacity and faster data transmission
  2. Multilayer circuit board material with high heat resistance and high reliability improves the reliability of equipment operation
  3. The halogen free material improves the convenience of manufacturing and processing multilayer circuit boards with more than 20 layers



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