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Halogen Free PCB Manufacturing Process

Halogen Free PCB manufacturing process, no additional cost.How does lead-free technology help your design and environment? We strive to provide the highest quality for your finished board. At the same time, we also provide customers with 100% halogen-free assembly process without any additional cost! We only use RoHS compliant materials.

Halogen Free PCB manufacturing process
Halogen Free PCB manufacturing process

EU standards for Halogen Free PCB

Since February 2003, the European Union has adopted the RoHS 1 standard. Due to the increasing attention to the circuit board processing and decomposition, the protocol came into effect on July 1, 2006. In the process of burning harmful substances, it is easy to produce harmful substances, such as hydrochloric acid gas and dioxin. When we consider that e-waste has reached the end of its life, it is usually disposed of by incineration, so this becomes a problem. Bioaccumulation has become the focus when considering human and environmental health issues.

According to the RoHS directive, the threshold is defined as 0.1 weight percentage, as long as it is not intentionally introduced. Please note that this is not the total mass percentage of the finished product, but the limit for each individual component of lead (e.g., plastic, solder, fiber, etc.). There are eight categories covering products commonly used by the general public: small household appliances, large household appliances, telecommunications and it equipment, consumer equipment, lighting, electric and electronic tools, toys (including leisure and sports) and vending machines.

With the use of halogen-free circuit components becoming a mandatory requirement, 100% halogen-free facilities have been provided. Not only have the ability and qualification to act as your lead-free circuit board assembly facility, but also bring you excellent quality and savings.



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