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FR408HR printed circuits manufacturer

ALCANTA PCB is the FR408HR printed circuits manufacturer.Fr408hr is a proprietary high-performance 230 ° C (DMA) glass transition temperature (TG) FR-4 system for multilayer printed circuit board (PWB) applications requiring maximum thermal performance and reliability.

FR408HR printed circuits manufacturer
FR408HR printed circuits manufacturer

Fr408hr laminates and prepreg products are manufactured with Isola’s patented high performance multifunctional resin system and reinforced with electronic grade (E-glass) glass fiber fabric. Compared with the competitors in this field, the system improves the z-axis expansion by 30% and provides 25% electrical bandwidth (lower loss). These characteristics are combined with excellent moisture resistance when refluxing to form a thermal and electrical gap closure product.

The fr408hr system also has laser fluorescence and UV blocking functions, which can achieve maximum compatibility with automatic optical inspection (AOI) system, optical positioning system and optical imaging solder mask imaging. Zero

Thermal performance

190 ° C

360 ° C

Electrical performance

three point six eight

zero point zero zero nine two



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