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Fr4 tg130 circuit board

Read about fr4 tg130 circuit board.TG represents glass transition, which is the temperature at which PCB substrate changes from rigid structure to viscous structure. Tg130 is measured in centigrade, which only means that 130 ℃ is the temperature range, which will lead to the transition of FR-4 TG 130 to its softening state. After cooling, it will return to its original properties. Tg130 Copper Based PCB with copper clad laminate and PCB universal PCB parts.

fr4 tg130 circuit board
fr4 tg130 circuit board

Due to the characteristics of the FR-4 and the manufacturer’s experience, FR-4 is usually used for materials in PCB prototypes. It provides good insulation and arc resistance, i.e. the time taken for the insulation surface to become conductive under high voltage / low current arc. FR-4 (or flame retardant 4) is not a specific material, but a material grade, consisting of a composite of glass fiber woven cloth and flame retardant epoxy resin adhesive.

Fr4 tg130 circuit board product description:

  • 2-layer PCB
  • Ultrasonic FR4 TG 130 ℃ substrate
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Copper thickness: 1 / 1oz
  • Minimum aperture: 0.3mm
  • Surface treatment: Immersion Gold
  • Transparent solder mask

Advantages of fr4 tg130 circuit board:

  1. Good insulation performance
  2. Good arc resistance
  3. Low water absorption
  4. High level of familiarity between manufacturers
  5. It is most common in FR-4 materials
  6. When to use FR-4 tg130

When should fr4 tg130 circuit board be used?

It is suitable for most applications where rigid pcb is required or product is built around PCB. This is the standard material you use for single layer, double layer and Multilayer PCB.



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