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Fr4 pcb board material

Most printed circuit boards are made from glass reinforced epoxy laminates. Although there are various laminates on the market, FR-4 is widely used and widely accepted as the standard material for PCB manufacturing. FR-4 is a good electrical insulator with good strength to weight ratio and flame retardancy.

fr4 pcb board material
fr4 pcb board material

The standard FR-4 materials used in our products are high temperature, high TD and low CTE 150tg materials. If higher Tg materials are required, we also provide 170t g version of standard FR-4 materials, which can be selected in the quotation process.

Be careful:

The 170t g FR-4 material is equivalent to the popular Isola 370hr material in electrical and mechanical properties, and its function is very similar. There is a recorded physical difference, Isola’s 370hr is listed as 180t g of material.

Standard FR-4 material properties of Sunstone
High glass transition temperature (T g) (150t g or 170t g)
High decomposition temperature (t d) (> 345 ° C)
Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) ((2.5% – 3.8%)
Dielectric constant (@ 1 GHz): 4.25-4.55
Dissipation factor (@ 1 GHz): 0.016
UL rating (94V-0, CTI = 3 min)
Compatible with standard and lead-free assembly.
0.005 inch to 125 inch
Available prepreg thickness (approximately after lamination): –

(1080 glass style) 0.0022 in
(2116 glass style) 0.0042 in
(7628 glass style) 0.0075 inch



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