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Flex Circuit Board Manufacturers

A flex circuit board or FPCB is a patterned arrangement of printed circuits and components using flex based materials with or without a flexible overlay. These flex electronic components can be manufactured using the same components as rigid printed circuit boards, but the board is allowed to conform to the required shape (flexibility) in its application.

flex circuit board manufacturers
flex circuit board manufacturers

How to find the right rigid Flex circuit board manufacturer

When choosing a rigid flex PCB manufacturer, please consider the following important factors:

Experience and expertise. More and more high-end equipment and software are needed to analyze and predict the movement of materials to successfully manufacture rigid flexible PCB. Therefore, it is very important to choose a manufacturer that can fully demonstrate each resource. In addition, while many PCB manufacturers offer rigid, flexible, assembly and rigid flex boards, it is important to work with a company with extensive expertise in rigid and flexible to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet your project requirements and standards.

It has the function of UL 94 V-0 flame retardant PCB. Another way to evaluate potential rigid flexible PCB partners is to find out if they offer UL 94 V-0 grade boards. This is particularly important for medical and industrial applications, or for anyone who requires UL certification as a condition of insurance coverage. In addition, it is well known that it is difficult to obtain UL grade with rigid flexible structure. If your manufacturer can provide pre approved, UL Listed rigid flexible PCB, it can save a lot of time and effort.

Impedance requirements. Compared with modeling and manufacturing on flexible circuit board or hard board, the modeling requirement of impedance control circuit on rigid flexible board is higher. The impedance circuit across the flexible area and the rigid part of the part needs to be modeled for both structures. The dielectric value provided by the material manufacturer may be inaccurate, and the online free modeling software usually returns the wrong value, and can only model the simple trace of planar structure. If impedance is important or critical to your design, you need to find a vendor who will work with you to model requirements on your board and provide software that can help you model requirements. It is also important to select the person who tests your boards at the end of the build to make sure they match the required impedance values.

Flexible PCB / FPCB application

In addition to high-end, complex complete components, FPCB is also widely used in daily technology and electronic products. Some of the most prominent examples of flexible circuit use are modern portable electronic devices, devices, hard disk drives and desktop printers.

Flexible circuits are also widely used in other applications and industries, including:

  • Communication technology
  • consumer electronics
  • Automobile industry
  • Medical treatment
  • industry
  • space flight
  • military
  • transport

Cost effective flex and rigid Flex circuit board

When it comes to our flexible and rigid flexible products, we offer a variety of cost-effective solutions and functions, including single-sided or double-sided circuits, and high-tech multilayer designs up to 20 layers. From choosing the best feature configuration to choosing the right connector or component, we will help you meet or exceed all application requirements.

Our flexible and rigid flexible printed circuit boards can be used in a variety of applications in the medical, military, aerospace and portable equipment industries.



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