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Fast Turn PCB | PCB Prototype

Fast turn pcb your technical business needs fast turn pcb to complete the order. We are the industry leader in turnaround time and customer service. What does this mean for your business? You can count on us to provide you with all PCB prototypes for rapid mass production.

fast turn pcb
fast turn pcb

Time matters! Time is the most critical factor for engineers and manufacturers to buy PCB prototypes from.

Every minute is important and should be saved to ensure that the board is on your desk in the fastest way. After placing the order and uploading the file, our engineer will check your file in a few minutes. Alcanta PCB simplifies the production line of PCB manufacturing, so it can quickly manufacture custom prototype PCB of customers, which is quite different from mass production. After processing, we will deliver your PCB to you by express company, which usually takes 2-3 days to arrive at your office. If you choose our express service, your PCB can be ready for shipment in 24 hours. You can customize PCB by selecting PCB specifications (size, number of layers, thickness, copper weight, hole diameter, routing and space, etc.).

When your business needs, you can quickly prepare PCB

We are one of the largest fast spinning PCB manufacturers in the United States. Our experienced DFM engineers review each design to ensure it is robust. A dedicated team monitors and tests products for quality control. In the whole process, our professional technical support and customer service can answer any questions you may encounter. All of these are in incredible delivery times:

  • Complete 2-10 layers PCB project within 24 hours
  • Place 12-24 layers of boards within 48 hours
  • In pad technology within 48-72 hours
  • HDI technology board for 3 to 15 days, depending on the number of Lam cycles

When you need PCB prototypes for quick delivery, please ask the manufacturer for help to find out the deadline and clear communication record. Your PCB will be delivered to you without your knowledge!

We provide high quality Fast Flip PCB. Our business is proud of the speed of production and customer service. We bring human factors into PCB industry. Every customer is important to us; that’s why we continue to look for new ways to say “yes!” The reason for that. Meet your needs.

Order fast turn pcb manufacturing service now

Free fast turn pcb quotation. Please send us your PCB Gerber file or BOM list by email: Our price team will reply your price list and delivery time as soon as possible. If the specifications required for your high density PCB project are not listed in the above table, please feel free to contact us for solutions.



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